Our Team

“Honesty is success”

White Hill Adventure Treks & Expeditions runs and organise various holiday destinations around Himalaya including Bhutan and Tibet with our strong team of expert, veteran guides and staff.To make every successful trips and providing full satisfaction to all our clients and customers we provide excellent guides, staff and tour escorts leading you with memorable and enjoyable holidays with exciting times with us.

All our guides and staff are loyal, hardworking and caring offering full information of the area of travel and trekking with their out most excellent knowledge covering history-culture-religions-flora /fauna and geography of the mountains.Our guides beside caring and leading groups they are very helpful and commanding with medical and first aid know how, as they go through extensive training every year so that they can take immense care of our clients.

White Hill Adventure Treks & Expeditions guides and staff are full aware in eco-tourism or responsible tourism informing clients of proper dress code and rules while entering holy sites and helping with garbage along the route of travel by dumping at proper designated sites.We also inform clients when taking photographs of local people without offending them and also providing help to save the green environment of the area from destruction.

Our guides have good knowledge in various international languages apart from English speaking we can provide other language guides on request like French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese to Korean and Hindi.


Mr. Nabaraj Khadka (Naba)
General Manager and Co-founder
Mr. Anuj Raj Giri (Anuj)
Executive Manager and Co-founder
Mr. Hotraj Giri
Marketing Manager
Miss Sangita Giri
Miss. Sulochana Khadka/Adhikari (Binita)
Mr. Dayanidhi Niwari
Transportation reservation Manager

Trekking/Climbing Guide and Office Staffs

Mr Pasang Sherpa
Mountaineering guide leader
Prakash Rai
Climbing guide
Mr. Pemba Rai
Guide leader
Mr. Himlal Poudyal
French Guide
Bhoj Raj Khan
English Guide
Mr. Dorje Tamang
English Guide
Resham Tamang
English guide
Mr Bharat Jirel
English guide

Our  Team Member

Mr. Naresh Rai:  He has been with the company for five good years helping with correspondence by e-mail, providing information and queries to all valuable customers on time so that every query received will be taken as important and sending with full and complete requested information.

Mr. Ishwori Bhattarai affiliated with White Hill Adventure Trek as Advisor, his job making sure that every trip with White Hill Adventure Trek is a winner and taking immense care of our foreign guest and as well the welfare of the staff and guides.

Mr. Ram Kandel joined White Hill Adventure last few years to pursue his career in tourism, a friendly person with fine personality holds the post as WHAT Airport Representative receiving our valuable guest from the airport and make sure that every clients are comfortable on fresh arrival to final departure.

Mr. Shyam Sunuwar has been in the company since 3 years as WHAT Airport Representative with his pleasing smiles and personality the right person for the job.
He takes his job carefully and responsibly receiving guest with nice and warm welcome greetings and escorting back to airport after a wonderful trip in Nepal with us.

Mr. Simone Fagherazzi born and raised in Italy close to Alps Mountain, an experience adventurer been around Nepal and other neighboring Himalayan countries has led groups of different nationality to various Himalayan destination on trekking and as well climbing.
Mr. Simone Fagherazzi a perfect Group Leader for the job with vast knowledge of the Himalayan countries, from culture-history to flora / fauna including medical side and takes immense of each person in the group with his outmost experience.

Mr. Sheikh Izham of Malaysia has been leading groups for White Hill Adventure since past few years, an excellent group leader with full knowledge of Himalaya countries from history-culture-vegetations and medical know how.

Ms. Kelly Webb born and lives in Netherland, she has been visiting Nepal and other Himalayan countries since last few decades gaining much knowledge of the country which makes her one of the most knowledgeable group leader with her great experiences traveling and trekking around high Himalaya countries.

Mr. Miha from Malaysia joined with White Hill Adventure since last couple of years leading treks and tours as Group Leader. Mr. Miha with immense knowledge of Nepal and other Himalayan countries makes every people happy offering full information of the country on route trekking or on tour.

Mr. Hafizah a Malaysian nationality been leading various treks and tours in Nepal and other Himalayan neighboring countries since last five years, a pleasant person with great knowledge of all Himalayan countries especially of Nepal.

Mr. Pasang Sherpa a veteran climber and mountaineer been in major expeditions and peak climbing since past 15 years with his expert skill in mountaineering makes Pasang Sherpa one of the most sought climbing leader, as has summitted Mt. Everest in 2014 – Annapurna in 2013 and Ama-Dablam in 2015 and various other smaller trekking peaks to add his experience in the adventure sports of mountaineering.

Mr. Dawa Sherpa another veteran mountaineer started his career in mountaineering and trekking since 2001 leading countless of groups of world-wide nationalities.

With his immense climbing and mountaineering skills and experience has led many climbers to the summit top of renowned peaks around Nepal Himalaya.

Mr. Dawa Sherpa has climbed Mt. Everest three time in 2008 – 2013 and 2016 beside Everest he has summitted other challenging peaks world 7th highest Dhaulagiri in 2014 and many other 7,000 m to 6,000 m above peaks.

Mr. Prakash Rai an expert guide and climber started his trekking and as climbing guide from 2008 he has successfully climbed major trekking peaks like Island peak, Mera peak, Lobuche peak and other above 6,000 meters peaks. A fine person has lead many groups on treks and peak climbing, offering full knowledge of the area of trekking and skill in climbing Himalayan peaks.

Mr. Pemba Sherpa, a renowned veteran mountaineers and climbing guide of White Hill Adventure. Mr. Pemba Sherpa started his mountaineering and trekking career since 2000 during his professional job as climbing guide have summitted Mt. Everest and Cho-Oyo (from Tibetan side) including Ama-Dablam-Island peak and many other peaks in his mountaineering and trekking career.

Mr. Himlal Poudel started his job as Trekking Guide since 1995 been with the present company since last decade, an experienced trekking guide with good knowledge of the area of trekking, offering wide range of information from culture-history-flora / fauna and other interesting subjects to our interested clients and travelers. He has good language skill in English and French also.

Mr. Vhoj Raj Khan started as Trekking Guide since early 1998 a pleasant person with good knowledge of the area of trekking. He has led countless of groups of all nationality during his 18 years of experience as trekking guide, offering great services and taking immense care of the group.

Mr. Krishna Prashad Tiwari an expert guide entered the world of tourism early 2009 as Trekking Guide, his vast knowledge and experience certainly one will feel comfortable trekking with Mr. Tiwari offering wide information of the area of trekking destination.

Mr. Bharat Jirel an experience trekking guide started his career in tourism world since 2002, have led countless of groups in most and popular trekking areas of Nepal Himalaya and making every clients satisfied with his good knowledge of the country.

Mr. Prem shahi joined the company few years ago, an experience trekking guide since he started his career in 2007, have led countless of adventurous trekking destination making every trip a great success with his good knowledge of the area of trekking around Nepal Himalaya.
Mr. Dorje Tamang born and raised in the high Himalayan mountain village started his career as Trekking Guide since 2011. Mr. Tamang has led many treks from moderate to adventurous and challenging adventure destination around Nepal Himalaya.An expert trekking guide with years of experience with pleasing personality offering great services and keeping every client satisfied and happy.

Mr. Laldhoj Tamang a Trekking Guide born in the high hills of Nepal Himalaya, started his trekking career from 2012 leading groups of different nationality around high mountains of Nepal Himalaya and offering excellent services with good knowledge of the area of trekking.

Mr. Naradhoj Tamang started his job as Trekking Guide since early 2010, from then on leading many trekking groups far and wide including hidden areas of Nepal Himalaya.Trekking with Naradhoj Tamang will be enjoyable providing good information of the village culture and folk story and of the area of trekking.

Mr. Prakash Rai a young and expert trekking guide joined WHAT in 2012. During his career as trekking guide has led many groups around Nepal high mountainous area offering excellent service and keeping the group well satisfied with his good knowledge of the area and villages on route trekking.

Mr. Pasang Sherpa joined to start his career as trekking guide since 2007, a pleasant and cheerful person born and raised around Everest region. Mr. Pasang Sherpa during his early trekking days and at present have led countless of trekking from adventurous to challenging grade over high passes and stunning areas of Himalaya.

Mr. Birkha Century a Trekking Guide started his career in tourism from 2006 onwards, since then he has been leading many groups of different countries with successful and enjoyable trips, trekking around wide range of Himalayan destinations.

Mr. Pradip Giri another expert guides been with the company as Trekking Guide from 2011 with his great knowledge and experience leading countless of adventurous trekking around high Himalayan Mountains, offering great services and guiding with many enjoyable and successful trips, beside English language he can speak and understand Mandarin Chinese as well.

Mr. Arjun Ban started his career as Trekking Guide from 2007, since then he has been busy leading treks from moderate to adventurous destination around high mountains of Nepal Himalaya. A pleasing person with good knowledge of all trekking areas, been leading trekking for a decade sharing his trekking experience with all clients and making every trip an enjoyable and memorable moments.

Mr. Bharat Jirel from Dolkha district around Jiri, a earlier route to Everest.
Mr Jirel an expert trekking guide since 2002 with his 14 years of experience around Himalayan region, certainly makes every trips worthwhile, as he offers wide knowledge of the area of trekking destinations.

Mr. Rohan Vhai, an expert driver been with the company for many years with his safe and careful driving experience and reaching destinations on time, adding many WHAT trips a huge success. Mr. Rohan Vhai a good driver of sound health has good knowledge of many motor able road networks around Nepal Himalaya.

Mr. Ramhari Dai, a company staff for many years with pleasing and healthy personality, has been with the job as a driver leading our overland trip far and wide areas of Nepal.
His expert driving skill certainly makes every trip of WHAT an enjoyable journey with safe and careful driving.