Trip Mode: On lodge & guest houses and camping.
Trek Grade: Moderate to adventurous walks.
Highest elevation gain:  On route Damodar Kunda at 5,600 m pass.
Trek duration: 17 Nights & 18 Days (Jomsom to Jomsom)
Total Trip: 21 Nights & 22 Days (Kathmandu to Kathmandu)
Season: April to June and September to October


An adventure to Upper Mustang & Damodar Kund leads you to high country on an extension of Tibetan plateau, regarded as world and largest plateau.White Hill Adventure Treks & Expedition adventure to Upper Mustang & Damodar kund,a remarkable trekking with expert guides and staff, who will show you the wonders of Himalaya and mystical culture of Mustang area.Upper Mustang & Damodar Kund an adventure visiting old historical places of Lo-Manthang and sacred Damodar Kund, one of the remote and isolated pilgrimage spot for Hindu and Buddhist religions.Few trekkers and pilgrimage manage to reach this holy spot of Damodar Kund, so this is a wonderful opportunity with White Hill Adventure Treks & Expedition to visit this far flung destination and hidden areas of Far West Himalaya.On this trek witness fascinating culture and traditional villages of strong Tibetan origin interwoven with Buddhism, enriched with ancient culture and custom as it was for thousands of years.On the walk beautiful views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mustang Himal-Bhirkuti and Damodar mountain range. Upper Mustang and Lo-Manthang area was once a forbidden kingdom just opened its doors to travelers since 1991 AD.The Government and Annapurna Conservation controls flow of trekkers with extra fees to visit this world country.

Upper Mustang & Damodar Kund Trek starts with short flight from scenic Pokhara city to Jomsom, the headquarter town of Mustang area, from our adventure starts following Kali-Gandaki River upstream through Kagbeni, Chele, Charang to reach Lo Manthang the walled city, actually a large town village, in early days known as walled city of Lo.This high dry country for more than 500 years ruled by kings and queens which was part of Tibet province, at present unofficial Mustang Raja (state king of Mustang), recognized as former district of Mustang king.After an exciting and great time around Upper Mustang heading to holy Damodar Kund in complete wilderness, after a time around hidden areas of Mustang Himalaya, return journey to Jomsom for scenic flight back to Pokhara and overland drive to Kathmandu with great services of White Hill Adventure Treks & Expedition.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 02: Drive / Fly to Pokhara – 06 hrs via overland and 30 mins by air.
Day 03: Morning flight to Jomsom 2,715 m and trek to Kagbeni – 04 hrs.
Day 04: Trek to Chele 3,050 m – 06 hrs.
Day 05: Trek to Geling 3,540 m – 05 hrs.
Day 06: Trek to Tsarang 3,560 m – 06 hrs.
Day 07: Trek to Lo-Manthang 3,700 m – 05 hrs.
Day 08: In Lo-Manthang rest day for acclimatization and local visit.
Day 09: Trek to Yara 3,550 m via Dhi / Dri – 06 hrs.
Day 10: Trek to Ghuma Thanti 4,856meter via 5,100 m pass – 07 hrs.
Day 11:
Trek to Damodar Kunda via another un-named 5,600meter pass,
Day 12: Rest day at Damodar Kunda for exploration.
Day 13: Trek to Ghuma Thanti – 06 hrs.
Day 14: Trek to Yara 3,550 m – 07 hrs.
Day 15: Trek to Luri Gompa 3,900 m – 05 hrs.
Day 16: Trek to Tange 3,250 m – 06 hrs.
Day 17: Trek to Tsusang 2,920 m – 06 hrs.
Day 18: Trek to Muktinath 3,800 m – 06 hrs.
Day 19: Trek to Jomsom 2,715 m – 06 hrs.
Day 20: Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara 860 m – 25 mins flight.
Day 21: Drive or fly back to Kathmandu afternoon free at leisure.
Day 22: International departure homeward bound.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

On reaching Kathmandu international airport where our White Hill Adventure Treks & Expedition staff will receive for a short transfer to respective hotels around Thamel area, tourist hub of Kathmandu.

After getting refresh from the flight our guide brief you with information of hotel, Kathmandu and Upper Mustang & Damodar Kund Trekking.

Day 02: Drive or fly to Pokhara – 06 hrs via overland and 30 mins by air.

Morning, an overland drive of 6 hours to scenic Pokhara city with serene Phewa and Begnas Lakes with views of high Annapurna Himalaya that reflects on pristine Phewa lakes with time in the afternoon for short walks around lake side.(Flying options of 30 mins panoramic flight to Pokhara)

Day 03: Morning Flight to Jomsom 2,715 m and trek to Kagbeni 2,800 m- 04 hrs.

After nice overnight in Pokhara, morning drive to Pokhara airport for short flight to Jomsom, the headquarter town of Mustang district.From Jomsom first day trek starts following Kali-Gandaki river valley around windswept area, after four hours of nice walk with views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Nilgiris and then day walk ends at Kagbeni village, the starting point of Upper Mustang the forbidden city on the old Trans Himalaya Caravan Trail.

Day 04: Trek to Chele 3,050m – 06 hrs.

Morning an uphill climb through canyon following river upstream with amazing landscapes views of red cliff walls, reaching farm villages and cultivated lands of Tirigaon village, overlooking impressive natural landscapes erosion of red colored cliff canyon, few hours of good walk reaching to overnight stop at Chele village.

Day 05: Trek to Geling 3,540 m – 05 hrs.

From Chele also spelled Tsele, morning climb towards Gyakar village, and from here trekking within arid and dry country to reach at Samar village, which is one of the nice looking villages.
After Samar village with break walk to a small place Bhena and then a steep climb to a ridge at Yamda La 3,860 meters pass, offering views of Mustang landscapes and mountains of Mt. Dhaulagiri range, after enjoying the views down-hill to overnight at Geling village via Syangboche village.

Day 06: Trek to Tsarang (Charang) 3,560 m – 06 hrs.

Morning walk to Tsarang “Charang” time permitting visit old Geling monastery and the Buddhist mani prayer wheels propelled by water power, continue walk leading over Ghaymi Khola (stream) following lengthy and impressive line of Mani walls (holy prayer stone) from here walk to Dhakmar village, and then few hours of good trekking brings at Tsarang village surrounded by large fields of crops like buck wheat’s for overnight stop and visit of Tsarang old monastery.

Day 07: Trek to Lo-Manthang 3,700 m – 04 hrs.

Today a short day walk to our destination at Lo Manthang the classic walled city or a large village, once a forbidden kingdom, crossing a strong steel bridge, and then walk leads to Marang village, from here towards uphill to reach a ridge top, encountering several chortens and mani stones in between Tsarang and Lo Manthang route, with scenery of Nilgiri’s, Tilicho and Bhrikuti peaks, walk gradual ascend Lo La pass at 3,950 meters with first views of Lo Manthang the walled city with fortress, from here descend to the base of the pass and on nice trail Lo Manthang for two nights stop.

Day 08: In Lo-Manthang for acclimatization and local hike.

Lo Manthang, highest overnight stop of this great journey, here explore the village and its old Tibetan like houses within this walled city, visit historical and cultural centre, main attraction of Lo-Manthang four main monasteries Namgyal Gompa, Champa Lakhang (God House), Red Thubchen Gompa, Chyodi Gompa and the great Entrance Hall.With permission visit the king’s palace, interior of the old palace and as well meet the king or Raja of Mustang if around.

Day 09: Trek to Yara 3,550 m via Dhi / Dri – 06 hrs.

After an interesting and fascinating time around Lo-Manthang, morning walk on same route for few hours and then heading eastward on an alternative to reach Damodar Kund and to Jomsom, starting with a steep descend to a small village of Dhi by Phuyung Khola bank.On crossing a small wooden bridge over Phuyung Khola, leading to a steep climb for few hours with views along the walk, and then ending the day at Yara, a small village with Buddhist player flags welcoming its visitors.A nice interesting area to explore afternoon time with great views of snow capped peaks and surrounding picturesque landscapes.

Day 10: Trek to Ghuma Thanti 4,856meter via 5,100 m pass – 07 hrs.

From today onwards with pack lunch and overnight camping, due to high strong wind and breeze around exposed valley area, as the walk leads past Sheppard’s shelters up at Gangra altitude of 3,870 m, then walking on a ridge towards old historical monastery of Lori Gompa perched high above on a cliff. This monastery includes fascinating paintings.

From Luri Gompa through pasture fields at 4,780m, walk on wide plateau with super views of massive Dhaulagiri mountains, walk continues up to a pass at an elevation of 4,940m and heading down to Ghuma Thanti, a remote isolated spot, with huts and shelters for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visiting holy Damodar Kund (pond / lake).

Day 11: Trek to Damodar Kund via un-named pass of 5,600 m.

Today a long day walk of more than 8 hours leading to most holy spot at Damodar Kunda, morning starts after crossing a pass at above 5,600 m, trekking on wide open valley enclosed with high un-named peaks and finally reaching at Damodar Kund for overnight camping.This high camp offers excellent views of Damodar Himal and Annapurna Himalaya with adjoining peaks.

Day 12: Rest day at Damodar Kund for acclimatization and exploration.

At Damodar Kund with free day for acclimatization and local hike exploring the un explored areas as this region is seldom visited and ventured by other western trekkers and explorer, an amazing country with breathtaking scenery of surrounding landscaped in perfect harmony with nature and mountains.

Day 13: Trek to Ghuma Thanti – 06 hrs.

Retrace the journey back Ghuma Thanti, the trek will be much easier after being in higher altitude, walk leads back on the same route passing several summer pastures, around this area chances of seeing some wild-life including rare snow-leopard, blue sheep or Kang the wild ass which migrates from Tibet occasionally. As the path descends to 4,940m at Ghuma Thanti, crossing 5,600 m pass of nice and long day trek to reach the overnight camp at Ghuma Thanti.

Day 14: Trek to Yara 3,550 m – 07 hrs.

Return to Yara, after being in complete wilderness in the harmony of serene nature, today walk leads back to human settlement on the trail to Yara village.

Day 15: Trek to Luri Gompa 3,900 m – 05 hrs.

At Yara with short hours of walks to Luri Gompa a small settlement sparsely populated, on reaching this mystical and fascinating area, with time to visit Luri Gompa, the last cave monastery of Lo and Tibet.History of this place with no trace or written record of Luri Gompa constructions, this monastery linked with Kagyu sects of Buddhism.The approach and art of painting proves they were done by Nepalese (Newari) artists working for Tibetan patrons.

The cave shrine dates from 13th – 14th century, the central chamber of the Gompa is carved out of the rock creating a domed ceiling on which are painted a series of Mahasidha, Sakyamuni Buddha and Chenrez figures etc, which are excellent masterpieces.Lining the walls, fresco with series of 14th century painting, which depict India Mahasidas, a great an interesting place of Luri Gompa with afternoon free at leisure to marvel the surrounding beauty?

Day 16: Trek to Tange 3,250 m – 06 hrs.

After an interesting and fascinating time above high country of Upper Mustang and in Luri with its historical impressive phenomenal monastery, starting morning on a high trail through grass less and barren, arid terrain with just bare red eroded hills weathered by strong winds and snows, and then walk slowly encountering a small ridge top to head downhill to Tange village at 3,370 m high, this is a moderate size village of about 30 houses, the houses are closely attached. On the rooftops piles of dry big logs and woods stored for many years as status, which reflects prosperity of the society which is common traditions in this arid areas of Mustang and in Tibet where woods are very scarce.

Day 17: Trek to Tsusang (Chusang) 2,920 m – 06 hrs.

Walking on barren wilderness of red earth landscapes in complete ambiance the path is gentle for few hours with views of distant snow capped peaks and the heading downhill to Tsusang village for overnight stop.

Day 18: Trek to Muktinath 3,800 m – 06 hrs.

Walk from Tsusang to Muktinath, a long day on gradual winding trail, our route leads north east trail, passing several temporary huts and shelters of Yak herders, the high path with super views of Nilgiri’s peaks and Dhaulagiri range, trail winds on the gradual with much wider trail to Muktinath for overnight stop, afternoon visit the holy Muktinath temple and its premises.Muktinath, a sacred pilgrimage area where people from Nepal and India visits here to offer prayer and to Liberate from bad deeds, as the Mukti means to be free, here natural elements are displayed in miraculous form-flickering blue flames of natural methane gas burn on water, stone and earth an offering said to have been first lighted by Brahma, the Hindu creator, this natural wonder have awed man from the beginning, for Muktinath sanctity goes back into antiquity of 2,300 years ago.

This area is equally holy for Hindu and Buddhist, around Kaligandaki and Muktinath pilgrims search for black shiny fossils called shaligram (ammonite), found in abundance around this area.

Day 19: Trek to Jomsom 2,715 m – 04 hrs.

Today last and final walk of this great adventure to Jomsom town, starting the morning on downhill path to reach Kaligandaki river valley and then a pleasant walk to Jomsom town.After a good walk of few hours, on reaching Jomsom check into nice lodges for overnight. Here celebrate with local apple products. 

Day 20: Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara 860 m – 20 mins flight.

Early breakfast and transfer to Jomsom airport for sweeping short flight of 25 minutes to Pokhara, during airborne spectacular views of Dhaulagiri, Nilgiris and Annapurna range of mountains with rolling hills dotted with farm villages,On reaching Pokhara airport transfer to respective hotels by the serene lake Phewa, afternoon free for individual activities or just relax and enjoy the views of the Annapurna Himalaya.

Day 21: Drive or fly back to Kathmandu.

From Pokhara drive to Kathmandu, after a wonderful trip to Mustang, on reaching Kathmandu transfer to your hotels.(option by air 30 minutes scenic flight to Kathmandu)

Day 22: International departure for home ward bound.

After a memorable and great adventure in Nepal with Upper Mustang & Damodar Kund Trekking and great services of White Hills Hill Adventure Treks & Expedition guides, our staff transfers you for final departure homeward bound flights.

Included in Package:

  • Airport pickups and drops in private vechical.
  • Dormitory rooms, Guest houses and 1-5 star hotels in Kathmandu and pokhara. As your choice. Normally without bargaining on total price we will provide you 2/3 star hotels. If you want 4/5 star hotel that conduction you have to pay 50% then company will pay 50%.
  • Wel come dinner and farewell dinner.
  • Special permit cards (documents for your dolpa to upper mustang trek).
  • Transportations by flights Kathmandu to pokhara , pokhara to Jomsom And Jomsom to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu.
  • Normal teahouse/ accommodation (tent for camping places) during the trek.
  • Three times meals(Breakfast, Lunch and dinner) a day during the trek.
  • Government licensed holder guide who can speak extra languages (like Chinese, japnesh, French, Korean, Malaysian, Dutch, Italy, Spanish and Hindi) as yours needed and assistance guide(7 trekkers:1 assistance guide)
  • 1 strong with friendly potter for 2 trekkers( A POTTER can carry maximum 25kg).
  • Guides and potters coasts including their Salary, insurance, equipment, food, local transportation, and accommodation.
  • First aid fox/ medical fox.
  • 13% government tax and 10% service charge.

Excluded in Package:

  • Nepales Visa fee.
  • International air ticket.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Domestic airport pickups and drop.
  • Excess baggage charges.
  • Trekking equipments.
  • Meals in City (not in mountain trek).
  • Medical fee and rescue service.
  • Teas, coffee, beers, cola, chocolate,
  • Personal expense like bar bills, laundry service, phone call, internet/cyber café, battery charges, hot shower, hot/boiled water, extra blanket, toilet paper/nappies paper, heater etc.
  • Tips for guide(s),potter(s),driver(s) any staff(s).
  • Donation for School (s), road(s), orphanage(s).

Down jackets and sleeping bags(-10 to -15 degrees f.), Trekking boots or sports shoes, one pair of trekking pools, camera, water bottle, warm hates that covers yours ears, cap, sun glass, sun cream, half sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, thermal tops, water proof jacket/pullovep, gore-tex jacket with wool, one pair of lightweight wool gloves, one pair of trousers, one pair of fleece or woolen tousers, one pair of waterproof shell paints, two/three pairs of thin, light, inner shocks, two pairs of heavy poly socks, wto pairs of under wears etc… and more for girls(bra, scarf, pashmina shawl,  Nek up thing etc. )

(Note: you can hire down jacket, trekking boots and sleeping bag with white Hill Adventure. The coast will be per day $1+$1+$1 usd.)

Important suggested Tools:

  • Tooth brush & paste.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Mirror.
  • Books.
  • Pen & Copy.
  • Note book.
  • Mobile phone and SIM cards.
  • GPS Compass.
  • Light.
  • Charges.
  • Alarm watch.
  • Matches or lighter.
  • Repair tape with sewing repair kit.
  • Towel.

Dry Foods & Chocolate: You have to buy some energetic foods (like chocolate, snacks, pine nut, coconut, etc.) to help yourself walking better.

Upper Mustang & Damodar Kunda


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