“In the country of great fascination known as Thundering Dragon known as ‘Druk’ An ever exciting observing ancient colorful Tshechu and Prakar Festivals of Bhutan.Visiting beautiful countryside-traditional villages- town and cities of Bhutan
A once in a lifetime experience visiting interesting heritage sites and monasteries Grand tour with famous Takshing Monastery ‘Tiger Nest’ land mark of Bhutan.

Trip Outlook:

Tour Mode:                                                 Hotel / Lodge or Guest-House.

Tour Grade:                                                 Leisure to moderate with drive and short walks.

Activities:                                                     fly in and fly out with drive within Bhutan observing colorful festivals.

In Bhutan:                                                    08 nights & 09 days

Total Trip:                                                    11 nights & 12 days (Kathmandu / Kathmandu)

Tshechu Festivals:                                    Festival dates 30th Oct to 8th November (the above dates can differ please contact us for right time to be in this festivals which is held as per Buddhist calendar)


White Hill Adventure Treks offers an exclusive trip in the country of Thundering Dragon as Bhutan is known for,Here witness the grand Tshechu and Prakar Festivals with colorful ceremonies; this will be an experience of a life time on this Tshechu Festival of Bhutan.

Tshechu Festival of Bhutan begins with a wonderful panoramic flight from Kathmandu to Paro in Bhutan with everlasting views of snowcapped peaks including Mt. Everest to Kanchenjunga including Bhutan’s tallest
Mt. Chomalhari / Jhomalahri can be seen during an hour flight.On reaching Bhutanese soil our native Bhutanese guide and receives you with warm welcome and then starting marvelous tour of Paro the grand Takshing Monastery “Tiger Nest” the land mark of Bhutan including famous heritage sites.

A scenic drive leads to Bhutanese capital in Thimphu where you will be engrossed watching the colorful festivals Tshechu, an exciting dance programs started by 4th Desi, Gyalse Tenzin Rabgay in 1867 AD.After a nice time a scenic drive leads to inner and central Bhutan around Bhumthang a beautiful countryside with traditional towns and villages, here witness true Bhutanese life style and cultures in harmony and observe another colorful festival called Prakar.

After a fabulous time in Bhutan watching Tshechu Festival of Bhutan our exciting and remarkable tour ends with a drive back to Paro for flight back to Kathmandu or to your respective destinations with grand services of White Hill Adventure Treks & Expeditions.

Outline Itinerary:

Day 01:                     Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 02:                     In Kathmandu with sightseeing tour.
Day 03:                     Fly to Paro-Bhutan via Druk Air.
Day 04:                     In Paro visit the Tiger Nest and other places of interest.
Day 05:                      In Paro tour of Druk Gyaldzong.
Day 06:                     Drive to Thimphu 2,320m / 7,656ft (54 k.m.) – 02 hrs.
Day 07:                   At Thimphu enjoy Thimphu Tshechu festival.
Day 08:                   Drive to Bumthang 2,600 m / 8,580 ft – 06 hrs journey.
Day 09:                   At Bumthang to observe Prakar Festival with tours.
Day 10:                     Drive back to Thimphu 198 k.m. -05 hrs journey.
Day 11:                     Morning drive to Paro airport for respective destinations.

Day 12:                     International departure for homeward bound.
Trip detail:

Day 01:                                      Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
On reaching at Kathmandu international airport where White Hill Adventure Treks & Expedition staff will receive and then transfer you to respective hotels around Kathmandu city. After getting refreshed from the flight our guide briefs you with information of hotel, Kathmandu and Tshechu Festival of Bhutan with welcome dinner in a nice Nepali restaurant.

Day 02:                                      Sightseeing tour and Bhutan trip preparation.
Morning our city guide will take you for sightseeing tour at places of interest as Kathmandu valley full of world heritage sites, temples, monasteries, old king’s palaces after an interesting tour back to hotel, preparation for Tshechu Festival of Bhutan Tour. 

Day 03:                     Fly to Paro 2,280 m / 7,524 ft via Druk Air and transfer to hotel.
As per Bhutan flight time informed on briefing, transfer to Kathmandu international airport for an hour flight to Paro in Bhutan, in Paro airport after immigration and visa formalities received by our Bhutanese guide for the drive to hotel in Paro, with afternoon free for leisure walks around streets and market of Paro.

Day 04:                     In Paro with sightseeing tour.
Tour begins after breakfast where our guide will take you for an hour climb to Bhutan’s famous old Taksang Monastery “The Tiger’s Nest”. Actually a place for meditation and retreats of monks and priests, located in a overhanging rock cliff with views of Paro and mountains, from here short drive to 17th centaury Ta-Dzong, later converted into the National Museum in 1967 with afternoon free for stroll around Paro market.

Day 05:                     In Paro tour of Druk Gyaldzong.
Another day in Paro, a major town of Bhutan after Thimphu this place with historical, cultural sites, visit around ruined fort built to commemorate the victory over Tibetan invaders in 17th century, tour includes impressive Druk Gyaldzong, afternoon tour of Bhutan’s National Museum displays rich collections of ancient treasures with fine arts and weapons.

Day 06:                                      Drive to Thimphu 2,320m / 7,656ft (54 k.m.) – 02 hrs journey.
After breakfast a scenic short drive to Thimphu Bhutan capital, an interesting ride of two hours through lovely countryside dotted with farm villages of typical Buddhist culture villages.

On reaching Thimphu transfer to respective hotels, a modern city of Bhutan the one and only city in this world without traffic lights, all the traffic controlled by traffic police with a whistle.

After lunch our native guide will take you on a tour around Thimphu’s memorial stupas, indigenous hospital, where traditional medicine is still practiced and traditional painting school.

Day 07:                     At Thimphu enjoy the Thimphu Tshechu festival.
Morning after breakfast our native take you to respective festival monastery to observe the colorful Thimphu Tshechu initiated by the 4th Desi, Gyalse Tenzin Rabgay in 1867 AD the Tshechu consisted of only a few dances being performed strictly by monks. These were the Zhanachham and the ZhanaNgachham (Dances of the 21 Black Hats), Durdag (Dance of the Lords of the Cremation Ground), and the Tung.

After a nice and interesting moment afternoon free to explore the Bhutanese market area.

Day 08:                                      Drive to Bumthang 2,600 m / 8,580 ft – 06 hrs journey.
After a nice time at Thimphu drive to Bumthang one of nicest countryside in central east Bhutan, where you witness Bhutanese people with their traditional way of living as it was for many past centuries. Here again enjoy the famous Prakar Festival held annually in honor to natural spirit for good harvest.

Day 09:                     At Bumthang local tour and observe Prakar Festival.
These two days in Bhumtang engrossed with colorful Prakar festival and interesting tour of Jakar Dzong, handloom shops, Tamzing Monastery, Kurjey temple, burning lake and Ura Valley/Ogyen Chholing Palace.

Day 10:                     Drive back to Thimphu 198 k.m. -05 hrs journey.
After a wonderful time in Bumthang area, morning drive to Thimphu on route tour around Punakha town, the earlier capital of Bhutan, and then reaching Thimphu for last overnight in Bhutan with time for individual activities and shopping souvenirs.

Day 11:                     Morning drive to Paro airport for respective destinations.

Depending upon flight time to Kathmandu or connecting with other Indian cities, our Bhutanese guide transfer you to Paro international airport for the flight back to Kathmandu, or flight to Delhi and respective destinations.

Day 12:                     International departure for home ward bound.
After a memorable time and great journey on Tshechu Festival of Bhutan Tour, with excellent services of White Hills Hill Adventure Treks & Expedition guides, as per the flight time our staff transfers you for the final departure homeward bound.

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